Wild Combinations- Episode Six- Sonya Conwell

My guest on this week's episode of Wild Combinations is local Athenian, Sonya Conwell who has a love & passion for record collecting & movie watching. For this episode, we navigate through a Martini Ranch and tell a tale of two Bills who may or may not be Brain Dead and the enigma of a Warlock who wants to box in Helena. WARNING:  This podcast has spoilers!

Wild Combinations- Episode Five- Brendan Boyle

Let's paint a musical landscape of widescreen tableaus for Episode 5 with my guest Brendan Boyle as we discuss the clean crisp sound ABBA and their desire to know the name of the game with ABBA The Movie while soaring as high an Eagle into the devastating filth of Paul Verhoeven's "Spetters".

Wild Combinations- Episode Four- Chris Creech

Let's travel down a road to a house with a Black Dog on Episode 4 of Wild Combinations with my straight husband, Chris Creech.  We discuss the musical delicacy of Meatloaf with direction from Jim Steinman, about guys in prison and truck drivers driving their lives away.

Wild Combinations- Episode Two- Carson Finan

So let's dive into episode two of Wild Combinations with my guest, Carson Finan. We discuss the unique math of how 3x2 = Vanity 6 while she slays The Last Dragon into the glow by transporting to Tanya's Island. 

Wild Combinations- Episode One- Count Zapula

On the debut episode of Wild Combinations, my guest is Count Zapula and we discuss how Frank Stallone is Staying Alive with his Italian Stallion brother Sylvester Stallone while checking out a Party At Kitty's & Stud's