KC050 Kindercore Fifty - Various Artists - 3xCD


KC050 Kindercore Fifty - Various Artists - 3xCD

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Epic 3 CD triple gatefold compilation to celebrate our 50th release!

Tons of exclusive tracks, songs from out of print early releases and a disc full of remixes. A perfect snapshot of where Kindercore was when released in the year 2000.


1.01–The Apples In Stereo - The Oasis

1.02–Masters Of The Hemisphere - Anything

1.03–Of Montreal - An Ill-Treated Hiccup's View Of The World

1.04–Sleeping Flies - Feel Like Movin' On

1.05–Sunshine Fix - Ordinary Extraordinary

1.06–The Phones - Tippytoes

1.07–Je Suis France - Come Out Party

1.08–Birdie - Let Her Go

1.09–Call And Response - Josie And Chloe

1.10–I Am The World Trade Center - Better Off At Home

1.11–Marshmallow Coast - Dead Iguana

1.12–Ashley Park - The Painter And The Jay

1.13–The Real Tuesday Weld - I Like It That Way

1.14–The Essex Green - Never Been To California

1.15–Dressy Bessy - Instead

1.16–The Four Corners - Two By Two

1.17–Japancakes - Wisconsin

1.18–Kincaid - Machines Can Not Beat Me

1.19–Babalu - Let's Crash The Blue Bus

1.20–Vermont - The Bells Of Saint Alcohol


2.01–Joe Christmas - Hesitation

2.02–Kincaid - Hill Street Blues

2.03–Masters Of The Hemisphere - On The Streets The Key

2.04–The Catskills - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

2.05–Vetran - Sun Sneeze

2.06–Ray Vaughn - Hi-Score

2.07–Serious Teeth - Holeron 5

2.08–Summer Hymns - Santa Couldn't Fit Under My Christmas Tree

2.09–Beekeeper - Send The Beacon Out

2.10–Sky Mic - Pierced By A Stranger's Heart

2.11–Major Organ And The Adding Machine - What A Wonderful World

2.12–Nipples For Days - Cows In A Tornado


3.01–The Olivia Tremor Control - Hide Away (World Trade Remix)

3.02–The Real Tuesday Weld - Days Of You And Me (Remix)

3.03–Of Montreal - You Are An Airplane (World Trade Remix)

3.04–Crush 22 - Wrapped Around (Vetran Remix)

3.05–Masters Of The Hemisphere - Coat Of Arms (World Trade Remix)

3.06–Kincaid - Storm King (W.C. Hart Remix)

3.07–The Ladybug Transistor - Meadow Post Arch (World Trade Remix)

3.08–Japancakes - Down The Elements (Electronic Watusi Boogaloo Remix)

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