KC035 Kindercore Christmas Two - Various Artists - CD


KC035 Kindercore Christmas Two - Various Artists - CD


1–Dressy Bessy - All The Right Reasons

2–Bustytoby - Hyun's Snowy Night

3–I Am The World Trade Center - The Rockefeller Tree

4–Kings Of Convenience - Deilig Er Jorden

5–The Sixth Great Lake - Always After Christmas, Boring

6–Six Cents And Natalie - Secret Santa (You Could Be The One)

7–The Four Corners - My Gift To You (It's Me)

8–The Ladybug Transistor Family And Friends (Christmas party) - Christmas Extravaganza

9–Kincaid - Summer Is Half A Year Away

10–Vermont - Santa Claws

11–The Essex Green - Deck The Halls

12–Of Montreal - Christmas Isn't Safe For Animals

13–Richard Davies - Feel The World

14–Ciao Bella - Christmas Time

15–The Wee Turtles - Benjamin, Santa's On To You

16–Triangle Park - Christmas Lights

17–Junior Varsity - Don't Believe In Christmas

18–Masters Of The Hemisphere - Pierced By A Stranger's Heart

19–The Gwens - Christmas Love

20–The Boyish Charms - The Chipmunk's Song

21–Bugs Eat Books - Not A Pine Tree

22–The Mendoza Line - Fox In The Snow (Live)

23–Lunchbox - Christmas Time Is Here

24–Vic20 - A Marshmallow World

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