Christmas in Stereo - Various Artists - CD

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Christmas in Stereo - Various Artists - CD


Out of print since 1997, this Xmas comp comes in a paper sleeve in a polybag.

1–The Autumn Teen Sound - Christmas Wish

2–My First Keyboard - Christmas Is Only Good If You Are A Girl (Boy)

3–The Catskills - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

4–Glacier Park - Candy, Toys, And Snow

5–Kincaid - White Christmas

6–Of Montreal - My Favorite Christmas (In A Hundred Words Or Less)

7–Sky Mic - Pierced By A Stranger's Heart

8–The Mendoza Line - Marie D'Ivry

9–Aden - Silent Night

10–The Teacups - Heritage Heights

11–Gritty Kitty - Why They Chose The North Pole

12–Bunnygrunt - I Am Going To Be Warm This Winter

13–Masters Of The Hemisphere - The First Noel

14–The Starroom Boys - (That's How I Know) It's Christmas Time

15–The Snowsuit Sound - Merry Christmas, Baby

16–Summer Hymns - Santa Couldn't Fit You Under My Christmas Tree

17–Major Organ And The Adding Machine - What A Wonderful World

18–The Marble Index - The Calendar Year

19–The Olivia Tremor Control - Christmas With William S.

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