(31) Shana Falana & Mike Amari (pt. 2)

This week, Ryan and Cash catch up with road warriors (and super nice people) Shana Falana and her collaborator, Mike Amari. Topics include, but are not limited to: unscrupulous tactics of European agents, exceeding maximum moisture levels in France, and several tales from the Make Out Room. 

(30) The Agenda - Mega-episode Part 2

This week we loop back around for part 2 of our discussion with The Agenda. Ryan joins drummer Mat Lewis, Kindercore co-founder Dan Geller, and frontman Justin Robinson. Topics of discussion include Mat Lewis getting trapped in the closet, Justin Robinson gives a heckler the business with a folding chair, and a solemn invitation is issued to "hang out in the fog"

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(29) Motherfucker

This week, Ryan and Cash sit down with the precision device known as Motherfucker. Topics of conversation include getting well known on one of the internet's premier rock forums, the citizens of not-Akron display their vigilance, and the day of humans is over- the day of the ribbon crasher has arrived!! 

(27) Christian DeRoeck (Deep State, Loose Knives)

This week Ryan and Cash sit down with Christian DeRoeck, fresh off tour with the band Deep State on the Friendship Fever label. Topics include, but are not limited to- gas cap improvisation, a shot of whiskey after a taunting by Frenchmen, and the genesis of, "Hey, that's my daughter you're taking about"!! 

(25) Guantanamo Baywatch

This week, Kindercore's wildcard Cash Carter has a post Xmas dinner chat with garage rockers Guantanamo Baywatch. Topics of discussion include: Pushing the van across the finish line, handling the ego of Jeremy Piven in Hawaii, and the illusive identity of Jonny Cat.

Guantanamo Baywatch pic.jpeg
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(22) Season Two Super-Sized Opener: The Agenda (Part 1)

And we're back! For our Super-Sized Season Two Opener, Cash and Ryan hit the mics with Ryan's former band members from the Agenda. Topics include diving into unsuspecting drum kits, bringing Cornholio 10 years too late to the coolest people on the planet, and lewd ballads sung to famous people. Check back later this season for more from the Agenda!

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(21) Happy Holidays: Season One Wrap-Up!

Join Cash, Bill and Ryan as we wrap up Season One and tell some tour stories of our own. Tales of Bill getting his first bear hug from a man in sweaty lingerie, Cash and the Cadets vs Japanese Manga culture, and Ryan and the great Bill Doss apple prank of 2001. Happy Holidays! We'll be back with new episodes in January!

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(20) Jay Karbomb (Karbomb, ex-Guff)

This week Jay Karbomb swings by the Kindercore studio to chat with Cash and Ryan about medical testing deep in the heart of Texas, the connection between Carbon Monoxide and a healthy sleep schedule, and bandmates who can no longer afford to ignore the stuff leaking out of the loft in the van.

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Photo: Kevin Turner

Photo: Kevin Turner

(14) Patrick Ferguson (Five Eight, Mike Mills)

Drummer Patrick Ferguson has been a powerhouse in the Athens music scene since the early '90s, playing with the legendary Five Eight, the Powder Room, Vic Chesnutt, the Psychedelic Furs and dozens of others. Cash and Ryan caught up with Patrick just before he left town to tour with Mike Mills' rock concerto project. From a high speed chase through downtown Birmingham Alabama to an early morning van explosion, Patrick has seen some shit and was raring to tell the tales. 

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