(44) Jay Gonzalez

 photo by Greg Chow

photo by Greg Chow

On this episode, Cash and Ryan interview Jay Gonzalez- solo artist and member in good standing of the Drive By Truckers. Topics of conversation include celebrating 10 years as a Trucker, cats as surrogate parents, and inclement weather derails a Hall & Oates show down by the river

(43) Kelley Swindall

On this episode, Cash and Ryan sat down with NYC based singer/songwriter Kelley Swindall as she passed through town playing the Georgia Theater supporting an upcoming album. Topics of conversation include sacrificing cars on the alter of the city, the oddest Olive Garden commercial ever conceived by humans, and Ryan Lewis goes dark.


(42) The Cadets


On this episode, Ryan and Cash sit down with The Cadets- Cash's first real touring band. As we cover some of our host's formative experiences, topics of conversation include (but are not limited to) - The majesty of the Roo van, Isaac and Chuck tell a story about coming in from the cold, + undernourished vegans in Japan!

(41) Bryan J Howard

bryan howard (photo by Jennifer Temple).jpg

On this episode, Ryan and Cash sit down with Bryan J Howard - leader of the local group The HEAP and member in good standing of Cracker's touring band. Topics of conversation include playing bass behind a bass legend, Kindercore has always been at war with The Classic Center, and a discussion of the Forest Heights deer population breaks out into an impromptu hunting podcast.

Bonus impression: Cash Carter imitates the singer from Disturbed :)

(40) Greg Cartwright


On this episode, Cash sits down with Greg Cartwright backstage at the Georgia Theater. Topics of conversation include sleeping in proximity to EDM in a squat, the difficulty of working for others after working for oneself, and the story of practice room heist that added insult to injury. 

(39) Lemuel Hayes (Cindy Wilson)

On this episode, Cash sits down with Lemuel Hayes (drummer/Cindy Wilson) for a nice chat backstage at the Georgia Theater. Topics of conversation include (but are not limited to): A friendly heads-up regarding the realities of touring China. Returning to rock after an egregious injury. Plus- two SURPRISINGLY good Meatwad impressions. 

Disclaimer: This podcast has come unstuck in time (this episode was recorded in the past).


(38) The High Divers

On this episode, Cash And Ryan sit down with The High Divers, who recently passed through town to play the Georgia Theater. Topics of conversation include van wrecks, getting called out by your Dad when you flub a guitar solo, and legal lesson from Cash Carter about constructive possesion. 


(37) David Barbe

Ryan and Cash sit down for a chat with the legendary artist and producer, David Barbe (Sugar, DBT, Mercyland) Topics of conversation include (but are not limited to): professionalism in onstage regurgitation, an encounter with the Goof-a Man, and David reveals his tour tested recipe for a cocktail you might want to avoid.  

david barbe for lilo.jpg

(36) Lingua Franca

On this episode, Ryan and Cash sit down with Mariah Parker (aka Lingua Franca) to chat about her first tour, racking up a Flagpole Award and being a force for change on the local scene.

(35) Five Eight

 photo by Jason Thrasher

photo by Jason Thrasher

Ryan sits down for a chat with the band Five Eight to celebrate the release of their new record, Songs for Saint Jude. Topics of conversation include Mike Mantione's Special All Ages Firework Display, we convene the world's first reverse intervention, and the phrase "road skin" makes an unfortunate appearance. 

(34) Hugo Burnham (Gang of Four)

Our guest for this episode is post-punk legend, professor, and music industry veteran, Hugo Burnham (Gang of Four) 

Ryan and Cash sat down with the charming Mr. Burnham to talk touring with some of Athens finest, knocking the dust off for a reunion tour, and the pleasures and perils of academia.

(33) Athfest 2017 Episode featuring Blue Blood

On this episode, Ryan and Cash sat down with Hunter Morris of the band Blue Blood to talk about the nature of stories left untold, getting prepared to properly welcome DJ Jazzy Jeff in Philadelphia, and amicably deciding NOT to attend shows with a friend.

(32) T. Hardy Morris at The Georgia Theatre

Ryan sits down with Dead Confederate frontman T. Hardy Morris at the historic Georgia Theatre to discuss getting shaken down by the Irish mob, spontaneous fistfights in the U.K., and the hypnotic effects of Lady Gaga on the youth of America.

(31) Shana Falana & Mike Amari (pt. 2)

This week, Ryan and Cash catch up with road warriors (and super nice people) Shana Falana and her collaborator, Mike Amari. Topics include, but are not limited to: unscrupulous tactics of European agents, exceeding maximum moisture levels in France, and several tales from the Make Out Room. 

(30) The Agenda - Mega-episode Part 2

This week we loop back around for part 2 of our discussion with The Agenda. Ryan joins drummer Mat Lewis, Kindercore co-founder Dan Geller, and frontman Justin Robinson. Topics of discussion include Mat Lewis getting trapped in the closet, Justin Robinson gives a heckler the business with a folding chair, and a solemn invitation is issued to "hang out in the fog"

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(29) Motherfucker

This week, Ryan and Cash sit down with the precision device known as Motherfucker. Topics of conversation include getting well known on one of the internet's premier rock forums, the citizens of not-Akron display their vigilance, and the day of humans is over- the day of the ribbon crasher has arrived!! 

(27) Christian DeRoeck (Deep State, Loose Knives)

This week Ryan and Cash sit down with Christian DeRoeck, fresh off tour with the band Deep State on the Friendship Fever label. Topics include, but are not limited to- gas cap improvisation, a shot of whiskey after a taunting by Frenchmen, and the genesis of, "Hey, that's my daughter you're taking about"!! 

(25) Guantanamo Baywatch

This week, Kindercore's wildcard Cash Carter has a post Xmas dinner chat with garage rockers Guantanamo Baywatch. Topics of discussion include: Pushing the van across the finish line, handling the ego of Jeremy Piven in Hawaii, and the illusive identity of Jonny Cat.

Guantanamo Baywatch pic.jpeg
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